Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Seth. I'm a Data Scientist in the telecommunications industry. I study computer networking and its application to understanding the structure and function of the Internet. My work uses an amalgam of statistics/machine learning, large-scale distributed computing, and visualization techniques to build data-centric applications. Prior to computer networking, I was a research scientist in biostatistics where I used computational genomics to model the dynamics of gene regulatory networks. My Ph.D. and post-doctoral work focused on elucidating how destabilization of small-world networks leads to disease.

This weblog centers on interesting topics in science, data, and computing, but I write about anything that I feel passionate about. The site serves as my personal experiment in telling stories with data and sharing the things that I am learning or find interesting. The name Dr. Bunsen is inspired by my ineffable fondness for mad scientist extraordinaire Dr. Bunsen Honeydew from the Muppets. The flaming Bunsen burner emblem found on this site is a double entendre intended to represent an enthusiasm for science and a quest for enlightenment. I hope you enjoy my site.


Please feel free to contact me at sethbrown@drbunsen.org or find me on Twitter @drbunsen.

Open Source Projects

See my Projects page and Github account for some of my open-source projects.


Below is an abridged tree highlighting some of the tools I use and how I use them: